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Who is the Lycan Librarian? January 24, 2010

Posted by lycan librarian in book reviews, Books and reading.

     Welcome to Porter Grand’s Moonlit Library. The Lycan Librarian, as most librarians, knows that many people have a hard time finding books they will love to read. Life is short for mortals, so there is no time to spend struggling through a book one does not enjoy devouring. There is a vast legion of wonderful books that do not get the publicity they deserve, so the Lycan Librarian is here to share notes and impressions about wonderful, lesser-known books pulled from the new book cart, and from the dusty shelves of this library. (Yes, I fear I am a very poor housekeeper, as I would rather be reading than cleaning.) I hope to help you find new books and authors to rave and howl about, and to learn, from you, about some I have not yet discovered. I especially love dark books, and horror, but some of the most graphic and disturbing books fall in non-fiction and literary fiction categories, so I have learned to not pigeonhole books, and I don’t judge them by genre, their title, their cover, or their author. Each book is as unique as you and I, and we all deserve the chance to showcase  ourselves on our own merits. I look forward to this blog being a fantastic journey, and I hope you will log in often to share it with me.
     Porter Grand



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