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        It has been very cold and blustery, so things have been slow today at the Moonlit Library. The Lycan Librarian has kicked off her shoes, donned her lovely slippers (see photo below), made a cup of blueberry green tea, and decided to choose a movie from the wide selection on the video shelf. Aha! The perfect movie for such a day — PARANORMAL ACTIVITY !!

     Ever since the first ads for this movie appeared on television, I was excited to see it. After hearing how well it did at the box office, I was even more excited, and happy that such a low cost venture did so well. I was careful, after hearing how frightening it was, to allot myself some time to watch it during the day, since I felt it might make me too jumpy if I watched it in the dark of the night. Unfortunately, this anticipatation was the most thrilling part of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, a movie that was filled with ghostly, oh, I mean demonic, stereotypes. It was so bad, that the most disturbing scene was of a flying sheet. One of the film’s major accomplishments was that both the regular and alternate endings were predictible and mundane. If you want some truly scary paranormal activity, stick with the SYFY channel’s GHOST HUNTERS, especially the chilling International episodes. And if curiosity gets the better of you, and you truly must see this film, get it for a dollar rental, or better yet, save your money and borrow it free from your local library. One positive note — upon reflection, I realized that this film was reported to have cost a mere $15,000 to make, and it is just as good, or, in some cases, better than, uncountable others that had cost millions and millions to make.



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