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Lio’ By: Mark Tatulli February 2, 2010

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     Lio’ is a comic strip by the ingenious Mark Tatulli about a morbid and very imaginative little boy who likes to perform scientific experiments and not only has monsters for friends, but knows how to scare monstrous beings more than they could ever manage to scare him. I have written more than once to my local paper asking they add Lio’ to their comics page, but, instead, they insert asinine strips such as The Pajama Diaries, a crappy strip about parenting that only loses the battle for worst comic strip ever to the incessant Family Circus. (This is coming from someone who is still mourning the loss of Calvin and Hobbs and The Far Side to their artists’ retirements.)

     If your local newspaper does not carry Lio’, Google it, or look for one of the treasuries in your book store, such as the volume pictured here. I am fortunate enough to have the 2010 daily calendar, so I get a constant dose of Lio’. I suggest you find a way to do the same if you enjoy squishy things, spiders, coffins, skeletons, monsters, robots, and scientific experiments.



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