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Posted by lycan librarian in book reviews, Books and reading.

     The Lycan Librarian is known for her biting sense of humor, and, unlike many, is fully capable of laughing at herself as hard as at anyone else. It takes such humor to enjoy Laurie Notaro’s irreverent style and wit.

      If any of you happened to catch Dr. Oz on Oprah the other day, you may have been surprised to learn that a true, deep belly laugh burns off calories, so can actually serve as a weight-loss tool, and improve your health — if you are fortunate enough to find something to drive you into peals of helpless laughter every day.
        Laurie Notaro professional writing career began in 2002 with THE IDIOT GIRLS’ ACTION ADVENTURE CLUB, which dealt with, among other things, her drinking habits, something which, these days, makes many people gasp with horror. But Laurie laughed at herself, and the world laughed with her. I have followed her life through her books, and she has since grown up (as in matured), married, and had subsequent successful books. I admit, I enjoy her non-fiction more than I did her novel, THERE’S A (SLIGHT) CHANCE I MIGHT BE GOING TO HELL, but she has another work of fiction coming out in April, 2010, and since she is, undeniably, a crazy genius, I have already pre-ordered it for the Moonlit Library.
          Laurie likes to rave about the type of things that annoy most people: the person on the airplane who insists on reclining their seat back into the four inches of space the person behind them has, husbands who scold when their wives bring more books home while sneaking a pile of their own into the house, and people at book signings who actually have the nerve to tell her they thought she would be prettier. Some stories, of course, are funnier than others, but in each of her books, there was something, and often quite a few somethings, that made me laugh out loud. Her titles and the covers, alone, are hilarious, and if you want even more chuckles, go to Amazon and check out her books from the foreign markets. Even if you don’t read the language, the title is still pretty funny, and there are different, but equally amusing covers.
          Perhaps her humor isn’t for everyone, but whose humor is? There is no better medicine than laughter, so we must all grab the hilarity wherever we can find it.



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