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Book Journaling February 9, 2010

Posted by lycan librarian in Books and reading.

     If you can remember wonderful scenes and characters from books, but can’t always remember which book they are from, you may want to start keeping a book journal. One of the best presents I ever received in my life was a book journal (the one pictured here), which was given to me by a fellow librarian. I have faithfully recorded every book I have read ever since receiving it, and even have a smaller version I use for travel, so I can record them, and then share the books I have just finished with others on the road.
     There are any number of volumes printed just for recording the books you have read, but any notebook will suffice. I was lucky in that the original book journal gifted to me proved to be perfect. It has just enough space to write the most memorable parts of the book down, yet not so much that I am sometimes at a loss to fill it. There are blank pages for notes where I can continue my longest reviews or record lists of movies, bookstores, or books I want to read.
     Recording books has not only helped me suggest great titles to others, but it has prevented me from reading half a book just to realize I have already read it, or that I had started it and not liked it once before. It has also reminded me of some wonderful stories I had immensely enjoyed, so I could keep my eyes open for other books by the same talented writers. And, much like a photo album, it has allowed me to relive times spent with friends, and in adventures experienced on the pages of one of life’s most precious treasures — books.



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