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St. LUCY’S HOME FOR GIRLS WHO WERE RAISED BY WOLVES By: Karen Russell February 13, 2010

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     Did you actually think the Lycan Librarian would discuss short story collections without including this one? If you haven’t heard of this unique and astonishing book, let me assure you that you have only good things awaiting you when you delve inside it. This book contains tales with touches of fantasy that are written so well they read like literary fiction.
     The most widely discussed story is probably the self-explained title one, and it is a fun read and a fabulous concept, but I was most captivated by FROM CHILDREN’S REMINISCENCES OF THE WESTWARD MIGRATION. I have long been obsessed with the Minotaur, and recently with the Donner party, so this story left me stunned. I am not sentimental; I don’t cry at the end of movies, while viewing old photo albums, or after receiving a sweet greeting card. (I don’t even like the sweet ones, so if you’re planning to give me one, make sure it’s rude and hilarious.) But I had tears in my eyes at the end of the above mentioned short story, and may have even called out “no!” aloud.

     This is a 2006 book, but there was little dust on the spine, as the selections in this work of fiction are stories that lures the reader back to reread and enjoy them again and again.

     There are still a few more short story collections sitting at my feet which I will be writing about. If you have any to share with me, please don’t be shy. I only bite when the moon is full.



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