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PINOCCHIO: VAMPIRE SLAYER By: Dustin Higgins and Van Jensen February 27, 2010

Posted by lycan librarian in book reviews, Books and reading.

     How cool of a mash-up concept is this?  Pinocchio as a vampire slayer with a built-in wooden stake. This graphic novel based on the chilling Carl Collodi tale of a puppet come to life enjoys a modern twist when vampires are thrown into the mix. Dustin Higgins and Van Jensen combine their writing and drawing skills to create a Pinocchio tale that adds another dimension of creepiness to an already horrifying tale (who would have thought it possible — the story scared me half to death in so many ways when I was a kid).
     If you are curious at this point, which I know you are, read it. The Lycan Librarian’s only criticism is that the guys were a little lax as far as the plot goes. They begin with illustrated blocks that fly through most of the story with short “this happened and then this happened” curtness. I was hoping for more meat to the actual tale. If you have never seen or read anything except the Disney versions of this story, get your hands on a copy of Collodi’s original PINOCCHIO and prepare yourself for a wonderfully dark and vicious tale.

     I hope this concept is expanded into novel form because it is a book begging to be written, and definitely the type of idea a writer such as the Lycan Librarian hears and wishes they had thought of themselves.



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