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RECENT MOVIES March 9, 2010

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     The Lycan Librarian has actually emerged from the Moonlit Library, and went to see to a couple of movies of late — movies she had anxiously anticipated seeing. One was a treat well worth the wait, and the other was amusing, but a little disappointing.
     The first, the movie of which nothing bad can be said was THE WOLFMAN. One Moonlit Library patron criticized the fact that the werewolf  was running about clothed, but this remains faithful to the Universal Studios Wolfman, and is, therefore, an homage to the original. Besides, the title is Wolfman, implying he is as manlike as wolflike, so I will excuse the clothing and savor the memory of the fantastic setting and wonderful dialogue. Benicio Del Toro was magnificent in his role of the tortured Lawrence Talbot, and, actually, the entire cast gave fantastic performances. There were quite a few really terrific and memorable lines, and this is one of many reasons  to purchase this film for your private collection when it comes out on DVD. It had so many of the Lycan Librarian’s favorite things in it — a Gothic setting, a crumbling mansion, Gypsies, werewolves, gargoyles, and a lunatic asylum.The dark Victorian feel of the film, and the exquisite settings were fabulous contributions that helped fully  immerse the viewer.  The makeup and special effects were magnificent; it was especially wonderous when Anthony Hopkins changed into a werewolf and was totally recongnizable as himself. The two best scenes were where Lawrence changed from man to beast as he climbed a flight of stairs, and when he was running across rooftops, jumped up onto a gargoyle and howled at the luscious full moon. The Lycan Librarian had to work hard to control herself at this point, as the urge to howl in reply was quite strong.

     The second film was Tim Burton ALICE IN WONDERLAND and I’m afraid I found it a little disappointing. I don’t know why they didn’t have Helen Bonham Carter play both queens — Anne Hathaway was appalling as the white queen, and added nothing positive to the film. But since they did graphic/computer/crazy magic to change the appearance of the red queen, and the two queens were sisters, I can only wonder why they didn’t amplify Carter’s rare beauty and use her for the white queen, too. I also wonder why they felt this needed to be in 3D, even though I did get a great pair of nice 3D glasses out of it ( It cost $9.25 for the matinee (!!), so I was NOT going to put my glasses in the bin for recycling. Besides, one should reuse as often as possible before they recycle anything.). There really wasn’t anything, aside from the opening writing that popped out, that really was better for the 3D effects. I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy this film, because I certainly did; the time flew, and I was completely unaware of being in the theater, but there was just something I can’t quite pinpoint about it that was less magical than I had anticipated. But I do not regret having seen it, and still chuckle at the memory of certain scenes. By all means, do go see it, as the good parts far outweigh the poor.  I read the reviews saying the screenplay and characters blundered along before seeing the movie, but expected to disagree with them. Sadly, they perfectly echo my feelings. Perhaps we all just expect far too much from the extraordinary genius of Tim Burton.



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