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COLD SOULS March 17, 2010

Posted by lycan librarian in Uncategorized.

     If you’re in the mood for an funny movie, but don’t feel like suffering through a  nauseating romantic comedy, or one of the scores of downright stupid movies whose plots revolve around situations involving half-naked girls, try COLD SOULS, starring Paul Giamatti.

     This is an intelligent and witty movie with a very clever premise. In it, there is a medical company, who, for a price of course, will “unburden” you of your soul if it is weighing you down. As with anything that makes money, there are some who have found a greater way to profit from this enterprise. There are mules who, inside them, carry souls from Russia into the country, and then sell Americans the souls tagged with romantic origins, such as Russian writers, poets or musicians, even though they actually come from miserable and impoverished factory workers. Meanwhile, wealthy Russians are all hoping to acquire equally exciting souls, such as those from famous American actors.
     There are only a couple of laugh-out-loud moments, but there is a good chance you will smile and chuckle through most of the film. Although I still have not decided what I think of the ending, or if I fully understand it, I enjoyed every moment of this movie and highly recommend it to those seeking a film that is truly different and fresh.



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