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A CHOIR OF ILL CHILDREN By: Tom Piccirilli April 15, 2010

Posted by lycan librarian in book reviews, Books and reading.

     Tom Piccirilli is the Lycan Librarian’s hero. Anyone who can craft such a strange, disturbing, magnificent, compelling, grotesque and haunting novel deserves to sit on a throne, scepter in hand, and rule the land.

     Set in the southern backwater town of Kingdom Come, this novel is the story of Thomas, who after his mother’s death and father’s suicide, is left to care for the family mansion and his three little brothers, Jonah, Cole and Sebastian, who are conjoined triplets with three bodies and a shared brain. If that isn’t gripping enough for you, there are the Granny Witches who are trying to win influence over Thomas so they can get some of his sperm, and many other strange forces swirling about in this backward, swampy town. Atmospheric and mesmerizing, this is not a book to miss — no matter how many nights it keeps you awake while and after reading it. Don’t try to treat this like other novels, because it is unlike any other books, and you won’t be able to guess the progress of the plot. It is a slice of fantasy laid atop a modern, rural landscape, drizzled with superstitious inhabitants and crowned with a juicy red ball composed of all the things that makes us squirm. Once again, don’t think I’m going to give away much of the plot. I would rather you took this tiny teasing nibble, completely cleared your mind, and fell, naked and vulnerable, into this novel.

     This is a book that the Lycan Librarian has read twice, and as she she sits here in the Moonlit Library gripping the mesmerizing work in her hand, she is seriously considering giving it a third reading. It is not a long book, so can be easily devoured in a day, or two days, if you are strong enough to be able to put it down once you have started reading.



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