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MY NEW LAPTOP May 11, 2010

Posted by lycan librarian in Uncategorized.

     I have no idea how many people have and use laptops, but I am now, and quite suddenly, the most unskilled user among them. For Mothers’ Day, my dear dogs gifted me with my first. I am using it while my PC is in the shop and the motherboard is being analysed after the lightning strike — it may be totally fried, or it may be completely or partially salvageable. But don’t dismay. Since I am extremely anal, everything was, of course, backed up on disc and memory sticks. I am crawling through working on the laptop, tippity tapping out words and finger swirling to guide the cursor along, so in a day or two will have a new posting. We will be looking at a couple of books this week that deal with psychics, so prepare to face your future the next time you check in on the Lycan Librarian’s blog. Meanwhile, read LITTLE WOMEN AND WEREWOLVES and please leave a review on a few of the many sites which welcome them.



1. richfigel - May 11, 2010

PG –

I sometimes have to work on my wife’s laptop to do TV editing, and found it’s much easier if I just plug a regular computer and mouse into the laptop and work at a desk. Can’t stand the laptop keyboard and mouse thingie!


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