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THE MAGICIAN’S ELEPHANT By: Kate DiCamilla May 24, 2010

Posted by lycan librarian in book reviews, Books and reading.

     Are you in the mood for a little magic? The Lycan Librarian always is! Kate DiCamilla is one of the most magical writers of our day. She has incredible stories to tell filled with mystical events and wonderful characters. The Lycan Librarian can’t resist much of the literature written for children, and was incredibly impressed with DiCamilla’s juvenille fiction novel, THE MIRACULOUS JOURNEY OF EDWARD TULANE, and, yes, her eyes welled up with tears while reading the touching and memorable tale. Edward is a toy rabbit, and everyone here at the Moonlit Library adores toys, so were anxious to read this selection, and thrilled once they did.  If you, somehow, have not read the Edward Tulane book yet, do get to it — and quickly!

     DiCamilla’s latest achievement is THE MAGICIAN’S ELEPHANT, which is about an orphaned boy looking for his sister, and an imprisoned magician and the elephant he accidently wrenched from her home while trying to make flowers appear. The black and white drawings are not as awe-inspiring as the color plates in the Tulane text, but they are still certainly well done and worthy of long and careful study.

     Admittedly, the Lycan Librarian has a soft spot for elephants as they are fine, noble and intelligent creatures who are very much used and abused by the greedy human race. Thankfully, it is apparent that DiCamilla does, also, and this book gives readers good reason to consider the rights and feelings of elephants as much as those of people, for DiCamilla teaches that elephants, noblewomen, servants, beggars, blind dogs, orphans, soldiers, and all others are worthy of equally kind treatment.

     This is yet another DiCamilla book to first borrow from the public library so one may fall in love with it, and then to buy for your private library, because it is a book not just to be read, but to be reread and enjoyed over and over again, no matter what the age of the reader.



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