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THE WET NURSE’S TALE By: Erica Eisdorfer June 8, 2010

Posted by lycan librarian in book reviews, Books and reading.

          This is an interesting and unique piece of historical fiction that is about, yes, a wet-nurse — for the wealthy, of course. It is a sad story about a woman whose own child dies while she is sent off to earn money by nursing the children of wealthy women. She suffers under the hand of a cruel father who is willing to sell his own flesh and blood, her second child, but a twist of fate brings the mother and child together again. In the past sentence, alone, I have probably said too much. Surely, you know that the Lycan Librarian doesn’t like to spoil plots in her reviews.

     Expect to see many more books from the juvenile and young adult sections of the Moonlit Library in the weeks to come. Carts of summer reading for younger patrons have been pulled, and it seems  the Lycan Librarian can’t even walk past them without spotting yet another title that simply must be read. We are all quite fortunate to have such a marvelous and varied selection of titles available to us. If you are of the mindset that, as an adult, you must read only adult books, then I strongly encourage you to reconsider. The area of the library or bookstore in which one finds a book means nothing, while the degree of enjoyment and learning gained from a selection means absolutely everything.



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