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SHE”S BAAAACK!! June 29, 2010

Posted by lycan librarian in Uncategorized.

     Pirates are a huge part of Amelia Island’s lore and legend, so the Lycan Librarian has swaggered back home with her head filled with tales of adventure and danger. She is rested, tanned, and settled behind the reference desk on this lovely Tuesday morning. The book signing at Books Plus on Amelia Island was quite a success. All but one copy of LITTLE WOMEN AND WEREWOLVES sold!! Many thanks to fellow author and bookstore owner, Maggie Carder-de Vries for her enthusiastic welcome and hospitality. If you have an interest in Florida history and/or ghosts, check out Maggie’s books at www.ameliasecrets.com. Also, thank you to fellow author Annette Myers, whose brilliant smile is as warm and bright as the Florida sunshine. Annette is a very well-respected retired teacher whose books are about American Beach and the people who fought for its existence and preservation. American Beach is a historic  African-American beach which was founded in the 1930s because blacks were not permitted on the other beaches, and its story is truly fascinating.

          I will be back tomorrow or the next day with a new book review, and then will be back in the swing of my regular routine. Sigh!



1. Steve Buchheit - June 29, 2010

Woohoo, Welcome back. Glad the book signing went well.

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