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THE BOOK OF ELI August 16, 2010

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                                                                                                                                                                                This movie is about a man, on our ruined planet, walking from the East to West Coast to bring the last surviving Bible to where it belongs. In this case, a library with a printing press where the book could be released once more to the people of the Earth. I absolutely loved the overall concept of this post apocalypse movie, but the world was the same one portrayed in any number of other futuristic films. Perhaps I was unimpressed because I recently saw THE ROAD, and the worlds in these two films completely mirrored each other. Of course, I suppose there’s only so much one can do with a ruined Earth: make everything gray, have the strong prey on the weak, walk a lot. But this film was inconsistent — people seemed to sometimes need hazard suits, and sometimes not. It was the same with sunglasses as they sometimes scrambled to put them on, and at others would stare or go outside without them.

     Things were rather predictable in this movie, and occasional elements of mystical or spiritual intervention were added when there was no other way for the plot to go. What really ruined this movie for me was the ending. I didn’t get why the girl went off with the iPod. What was that supposed to mean? (I thought, perhaps, it had The Bible on it and she was memorizing it to bring to another part of the country, but wouldn’t that have to be clearer for this country’s stupid audiences — like me? They could have let everyone hear the voice reciting it for a moment.) She didn’t have the protection Eli did, and I’m not sure she even had a quest. You could have viewed her life as worthwhile if she had stayed and worked at the library, but not while wandering the roads. Or is it, once again, just me? There just wasn’t anything, outside of the original concept, to make this film stand out and be memorable. But, oh, that original concept!!



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