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THE WALKING DEAD By: Kirkman, Adlard, Rathburn and Moore September 13, 2010

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     The  Lycan Librarian never cared much for zombies, preferring her monsters cunning and manipulative. Zombies just drag along and become targets for guns, baseball bats and chain saws while not lurking in shadows and popping up at every turn. They’re predictable and, unless in great numbers, simply a very large pest.
But in graphic novels, zombies become individuals. While they walk, one can imagine them as they once were based on what they are wearing and the parts of their faces left intact. Felled, each can crumple and lie piled in a different manner, and their grizzly remains can be studied completely by the reader.  So more than zombie movies, or zombie novels, this reader likes her zombies graphic! As in graphic novels.

     This WALKING DEAD series is great fun as our band of survivors trudge along trying to find a safe haven from the zombies. The group dynamics include love triangles and parents trying their best to protect their kids. In the first three comics they manage to hit the road and get kicked off a farm and out of a prison. But the good news is they’re still walking without dragging one foot and drooling. The story explores the nasty little gristle in human behavior as events arise where someone flips out,  jumps off the deep end into paranoia, turns into a zombie themselves, or kills another member of the group. It’s people at their worst, whether they are among the  living or the living dead.



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