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WISHIN’ AND HOPIN’: A CHRISTMAS STORY By: Wally Lamb October 1, 2010

Posted by lycan librarian in book reviews, Books and reading.

     Wally Lamb’s books emotionally grip their readers.  WISHIN’ AND HOPIN’  includes some laugh out loud comments and moments,  and is told in the irresistible fifth grade voice of  Annette’s  fictional first cousin Felix Funicello. It’s set in 1964, so for baby boomers, this is a nostalgic look at childhood that will spark all four seasons worth of personal memories.  I wondered about reading it in the fall, but there weren’t presently any other holds on it at the Moonlit Library, so went for it.  The novel isn’t as Christmassy as the title might suggest, so although it would heighten delight a bit to read about the Christmas pageant with snow falling outside your window, it is only a couple of chapters long, and they  occur at the end of the book. 

     Lamb’s I KNOW THIS MUCH IS TRUE was one of the best novels I ever read, and it was so powerful it was emotionally draining for this reader. If you are a slow reader with a taste for a tome to hibernate with through winter, this is a great choice, and the tone of the book matches winter’s grey. It was an Oprah selection, so if you find her books too dark, as some do, you may want to skip this and reach for something with less depth and more light. Although also depressing, one suggestion could be SHE”S COME UNDONE, an unforgettable book about a heavy, sensitive girl.  I kept forgetting that a man wrote this book as I read it. I know that sounds sexist, okay, is sexist. But you read it and then let the Lycan Librarian know  if you don’t feel the same. 



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