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THE GHOST OF CRUTCHFIELD HALL By: Mary Downing Hahn October 7, 2010

Posted by lycan librarian in book reviews, Books and reading.

     This is the time of year for ghost stories. If you usually reach for a spooky short story collection, perhaps this year you could instead find something interesting from among the vast array of middle grade books. Kids of all ages love scary things, so there are tons of ghostly juvenile tales which are about the same length of an adult short story and every bit as frightening. Some are just scary, such as this selection, and many are morbid but with amusing twists or characters. The Moonlit Library is pushing this idea this year, so there are tables filled with scary Middle Grade books. Your library may have the same. If not, your librarians will be more than happy to find you an armful.
     THE GHOST OF CRUTCHFIELD HALL is about a twelve-year-old girl who is finally found by a relative and plucked out from an orphanedge. When she arrives at her new home, an enormous gothic mansion, she finds a sickly cousin, a nasty aunt, a kind uncle, and a skittish female servant — all the ingredients of a classic ghost story. Hahn is a good writer and her books are well-respected. Her numerous selections have received over forty child-voted state awards, so when you are looking for your scary tales to read in October’s chill with a mug of warm cider at your side, be sure to check out hers. And don’t shy away from the picture books for young readers, either. Lavishly illustrated, many of them can put a person in the Halloween spirit at a glance.



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