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AN ABSOLUTE GENTLEMAN By: R.M. Kinder October 30, 2010

Posted by lycan librarian in book reviews, Books and reading.

     This is a very good and somewhat overlooked novel about a college professor who also happens to be a serial killer. This selection has received very good reviews, but it does not seem to have gotten ample publicity, so please spread the word. The book rides along solely on the wings of its writing and protagonist because there are no gory or graphic scenes. It really gets inside our main character so the reader stares out, through his eyes, at the absurdity of the world that has the nerve to label him a monster simply for killing seventeen women. 

     R. M. Kinder explains in her afterword that she wrote “An Absolute Gentleman,” a novel about a serial killer who is “well read, with old-world charm, intelligence, a good education, and nice outward form” because she actually had an acquaintance named Robert Weeks who was just such an individual. She wanted to tell his story “to help explain the human condition, the paradox between the good neighbor and his evil acts.” The Lycan Librarian hopes this revelation does not spoil the book for you, because discovering this after reading the novel is quite an exciting shock.  There is something more  horrifying in a tale such as this one that places killers unnoticed among us, than in all the bloody, fantasy based horror books and films that are filled with vampires, demons and avenging ghosts.

                                                    HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!



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