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SIMPLE TIMES: CRAFTS FOR POOR PEOPLE By: Amy Sedaris November 6, 2010

Posted by lycan librarian in book reviews, Books and reading.

                                                 The Lycan Librarian can only wonder how long it took Amy Sedaris to think up and stage every possible crafting accident, and also complete the most horrible craft projects ever created, but she is grateful for two things: first, that Sedaris took the time to do so, and, second, that she will not be the recipient of any of those crafts this upcoming Christmas.
     This is not a book from which the serious crafter can extract ideas, although the Lycan Librarian was quite taken with the hair swatch lamp and will definitely be asking her beautician about what happens to their out dated swatches. But serious crafters can enjoy every other aspect of this hilarious selection. The pictures are wonderful, and Jean and Gene Woodchuck are a riot.
     This book is not for everyone, though, and I have thoughtfully included a list of those who may want to pass it up:
     The politically correct
     Homeschoolers who speak to everyone as if they’re three years old
     Anyone who insists on banning even outdoor smoking
     MRDD board members
     Humorless limpers
     Teetotalers who think everyone else should be, too
     Sarah Palin
     People afraid to use public toilets
     The rest of you should run to your local bookstore or library to grab a copy of this book. But be careful of drinking while reading it, or you’ll risk having your favorite beverage shoot out of your nose.



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