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     Disney’s A CHRISTMAS CAROL came out at theaters last year in 3D, and is presented to us this year in DVD to bring into our homes. The Lycan Librarian borrowed the regular 2D version from, of course, the library. Not knowing what to expect, she sat down with an open mind and a cup of blueberry green tea. This is a wonderfully dark version. The beginning is very atmospheric, and once the ghosts begin to appear, there is a dream-like atmosphere that cannot be created in a movie that is made without the computer enhancements this film contains.
     The Ghost of Christmas Past is mind-blowing, and this viewer’s favorite of the three spirits. But, as usual, I won’t say enough to spoil things for you. The last scene with the Ghost of Christmas Present is this viewer’s favorite in the entire film, from the point when Ignorance and Want become quite active and animated, to when the ghost “exits.”
     This would be interesting to see in 3D, as there were times one almost got dizzy in the whirlwind of activity. It is not one I would show to very young children, although this mind is boggled by the things young eyes witness today. All in all, I felt this film was a most enjoyable experience, and it did put me in the Christmas spirit. Let’s hope this is one spirit who hangs around a while.

     One additional note: if you choose to see, or not see this movie based on your opinion of the cast, forget it. There wasn’t even one whose visage or voice was recognizable to me. See it, instead, so you’ll drive everyone else nuts humming Christmas carols.



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