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BLOOMS OF DARKNESS By: Aharon Appelfeld December 5, 2010

Posted by lycan librarian in book reviews, Books and reading.

     BLOOMS OF DARKNESS is a very unusual Holocaust tale. Nearly the entire novel takes place in one room of a Ukrainian brothel, and mainly in the closet where the soft-hearted Mariana is hiding Hugo, the son of a Jewish friend. Although this unique selection is secluded well away from the atrocities of the concentration camps, the hatred, fear, suspicion, bigotry and accusations of the period do make their ways into the dwelling. The arrival of the Russian troops send the prostitutes fleeing, and the outcome stands as proof that although the war might end, the human weaknesses and stupidity that cause it will never will.

     As always, the Lycan Librarian will not say enough to ruin the plot, and in this case, the plot is starkly simple and you already know it after reading the previous paragraph. But the hearts of the characters, and the relationship between Mariana and Hugo, and those between the house’s residents and visitors are things you must discover for yourself.

     The author, Aharon Appelfeld is 78 years old and the author of over forty books, many award winners. He is also a Holocaust survivor. You will want to read this latest  book of his, and then find his others.



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