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Posted by lycan librarian in Books and reading.

     It’s easy and natural to complain about the kind of weather we’ve seen this winter, but the Lycan Librarian has always been the type to look at the bright side and find the good in the sorry situations. Being a lover of historical fiction, she is first glad to be inside a cozy (although sometimes drippy) structure. Imagine the pioneers who settled this country enduring such a winter in their drafty cabins. They’d have to go outside and chip ice to get water, and break apart the frozen woodpile to bring in firewood. And they certainly weren’t slogging through snow and slush in warm fleece-lined Uggs.
     We are also lucky to have our comfortable veicles when we are forced to venture out into the wind and snow. Window defrosters, heat, and music are all things we take for granted as we curse our way down the icy roads toward our destinations.
     If you are fortunate enough to be able to stay in on the worst days, the ready availability of warm drinks is a blessing to definitely be counted. And if you are home and have time, then books are a pure luxury. This weather may not be the best for driving or outdoor chores, but it is perfect weather for curling up in an overstuffed chair and reading the day away. Rejoice!
     Puxatony Phil did not see his shadow today, so winter may be on its merry little way out of our lives for this year. Whatever the season, don’t wish it away, because when you do, you are also wishing away the days of your life.



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