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MR. MONSTER By: Dan Wells February 12, 2011

Posted by lycan librarian in book reviews, Books and reading.

     This is the author’s second novel about a teenaged killer who fights his urges to hurt while preying on serial killers and other evil-doers. It is this struggle against his dark side that makes the reader like John and want him to triumph.  He even has rules in place to help him control his urge. This makes him seem so human and normal that this reader found him no creepier than any other teen she encounters on any given day. Of course, John isn’t normal. His mother and aunt are morticians and he is overly accustom to being around dead bodies, and he is weird enough to be an outcast at school. The first book in this series is I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER, so the reader would do best to begin with that one. Having read the second, the Lycan Librarian won’t backtrack now and read the first, but she will reach for the next when it’s published.  As always, you’ll get no details on the plot out of me. Just grab these first two, as they’re fast reads, and from the reviews I’ve read and what I’ve seen in the second book, I’ll wager that you will want to advance from one to the next as quickly as you can.



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