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Posted by lycan librarian in book reviews, Books and reading.

     Admittedly, the Lycan Librarian is distracted. She’s doing some freelance writing and editing while working on her latest novel, and that added writing is eating into her reading time. So two books will be returned to the library tomorrow even though she hasn’t finished reading them yet.

     SWAMPLANDIA! by Karen Russell was one that was happily anticipated, and the story of Ava and Ossie, their alligator wrestling mother and Bigtree Tribe father was wonderful at first. But then the story started jumping back and forth between chapters from the girls to their brother Kiwi’s story after he left their island home. And that was the point where this reader lost interest. She was tempted to skip and just read every other chapter, but ultimately decided against it.
     The other book to be returned is THE TUNNEL by William H. Gass. This is one of those books that can’t be rushed because it is so beautifully written. But this selection was an InterLibrary loan, meaning it came from outside my local library system, and it cannot be renewed. It is 652 pages of small text, and this reader was not willing to miss even one word of it, so the book goes back to the library and onto her Amazon wish list in the same week. It is one to be savored slowly, and read only when all attention can be directed to it so the mind can grasp and digest Gass’ lovely prose.
     Until she worked at the library, the Lycan Librarian read every book she started, no matter how much or little she liked it. Perhaps age also has something to do with the fact that she has created a new policy, so now only sticks with a book that is giving back to her as she reads. THE TUNNEL has much to give.



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