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BEING HUMAN and FACE OFF February 17, 2011

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     Have you seen it yet? BEING HUMAN is a new SYFY Channel series. It is a Canadian show based on an English one, and perhaps it is so brilliant because America’s sticky little fingers aren’t smearing the plot.
     The concept is that a werewolf and vampire who both work at a hospital decide to move in together so they may help each other fight their “afflictions.” They find a house, move in, and discover it’s haunted. Since vampires and werewolves own the ability to see the dead, there are now three roommates sharing the premises.
     Just as in reviewing books, the Lycan Librarian won’t reveal too much of the plot, but be assured there is a surprise each and every week. A few were a bit expected, but most are a real shock, and that’s what keeps this viewer tuning back in every Monday night at 9:00.
     SYFY also has a fun new show on Wednesdays at 10:00. FACE OFF is a reality show — a competition for makeup artists. Every week they are given a task and must turn their model into the fiend or beauty dictated by the challenge. There always seems to be a most hated contestant on these shows, and one has already been sent on his merry little way, but it’s easy to see who  became the next most deplorable person. She has the hots for someone else on the show, and absolutely no lips. I must wonder how much is staged and how much is real on these reality shows, but it’s much more fun to believe actual personalities are on display. They are, after all, impossible to hide behind paint and latex.



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