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     This winter just doesn’t seem to want to end. We are having another all-day snow continuing from an all-night snow. On a day like this, I don’t mind not having a job to trudge out to. But snow can’t be converted into money, so job hunt I must.

     It’s a long time in between paychecks for writers, so unless you are fortunate enough to snag a great big check at some point, there can be plenty of lean months. My next novel is almost finished, and I’ll be sending it out within the next couple of weeks, but, in the meantime, I need a cash fix. Baby needs a new pair of shoes!
     I have been pecking around at job hunting; applying online, by mail and in person. Mainly I’ve been ignored. Lucky for me I’m a writer — I’m used to rejection. I have most often been told by those who have responded that I’m overqualified. Others have informed me that I don’t have enough of this or that to fill their open position. Oddly, I’ve received most rejections as a relief, so probably wouldn’t have been a good fit. I know that my job is out there somewhere. I thought of going back to the library, but that seems like taking a step back, and I want to go forward. (Oh, I meant going back to my local county library. I will be here at the Moonlit Library forever.) So I will continue to hunt down local companies and enlighten them as to my presence in this world, and any day now, one of them is going to realize they’re lucky to get me and snap me up like a shiny penny laying on the sidewalk.
     Good luck to all you other job hunters, whether you’re searching through sunshine, rain, snow, fog, or gloom. Hang in there!



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