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READING TASTES April 5, 2011

Posted by lycan librarian in book reviews, Books and reading.

     This glorious world is full of books, and for every one we love, there are probably four or five that we don’t. But there are probably four or five people who love those books that we reject. I won’t go any further and risk boggling your mind.

     When you’re the person writing the books, your perspective changes. To spend weeks, months, or even years living with your characters and thinking and dreaming about them as if they are real, solid beings, endears them to us. I’ve seen things and thought about how one of my characters would respond, or felt they might really like or hate it, as if I were thinking about a good friend, which I guess I was. Our books are our progeny, and we writers become like those offensive parents we’ve all encountered who can’t see the faults in their children’s behavior. When I submit my books, I try to bear this in mind. I realize agents and publishers are wading through hundreds, possibly thousands of submissions every day, so try to make things easy for them. When one of them wants to work with me, I try to listen with an objective ear, and I have learned to wait a day or two before responding so I can fully digest their words. Often, the comments that had enraged me one day make sense the next.
     The most important thing I’ve learned is not to take things personally. We are so bombarded with books and know so much about them before we ever pick them up that we develop preconceived notions about them, and are often disappointed when the author’s idea of how to write the book does not match ours. We are not the ones being criticised when our writing doesn’t meet another’s expectations, but it seems like it, and a person can feel stripped of their skin and hung out to dry when they read a scathing review of their work. 
     I have decided that I am only going to review books I like on this blog. There are enough negative comments about every book out there. I don’t need to add to the mess. Usually, if I take the time to finish reading a book, I like it enough to give it a good review, but now and then I can’t. So perhaps I’ll close the cover on selections I’m not enjoying and go on to the next one so I can always be positive about the hard work someone put into their books. Don’t expect my alter-ego, the Lycan Librarian, to be so kind, but I will try to restrain her when necessary.



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