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Posted by lycan librarian in book reviews, Books and reading.

     “All artists are magpies.” is my favorite quote from this interesting collection of stories about less than successful artists and writers who hang out in coffee shops, and at poetry readings and literary parties. They will either serve as a mirror, or a sense of great relief to those aspiring to be able to put artist or writer down as their profession on their tax forms. Martin has a wonderful ability to make her characters solid, and she certainly does so in this collection. The Lycan Librarian, presently stuck in short story mode, found this book on top of a tall stack in a shadowy corner of The Moonlit Library, shooed the spiders from their webs, dusted it off, and reread some of the stories. It was a happy, moment, indeed, because she can now share them, in her usual cryptic and mysterious manner, with all of you. But isn’t it better to know next to nothing about the plot, and simply dive into the book naked and buoyed up by only faith? If you are impressed with this collection of Martin’s,  you would be well-advised to pick up one of her novels. They are usually on the short side, but packed with all that makes books memorable. Additionally, they are all perfect choices for book discussion groups. Some to consider are MARY REILLY, PROPERTY and TRESPASS. This reader somehow missed THE GREAT DIVORCE, which has received rave reviews from readers, so will find, read, and review it. The cover, alone, is enough to make anyone pluck it up immediately. So keep checking back on the Lycan Librarian’s blog for that one — and, of course, much more.



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