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Posted by lycan librarian in writing.


     I recently stumbled  across a blog where someone was asking about a particular agent. They said they had sent  their manuscript to this agency a year ago, had not heard back, and were wondering if anyone knew anything about them. I had no desire to sign up for that blog site, so could not answer the query, but I felt compelled to address the issue. I won’t mention the agent’s name or agency, but I did a quick online search and found that the agent does not accept unsolicited queries. That means the writer’s query was not only ignored, but it was probably immediately deleted. Meanwhile, this guy’s checking his emails every day waiting to hear back from the agent. Sigh!
     Reasearch, people! Reasearch! It doesn’t take very long in this day and age, so there is no excuse for sending queries to agents who don’t accept the type of work you have produced. Guidelines are clearly outlined on most agents’ websites, and it is in your best interest to take the time to study  the market and send your manuscript to only the appropriate agencies. By the way, if you don’t hear back from them within a couple of months, they probably aren’t interested. Suck it up and keep submitting. There are hoards of agents out there, but make sure you check them out before submitting and never, never, never give them money to read or edit your manuscript. One of many excellent websites to find and learn about agents and submitting is pred-ed.com. Oh, and keep writing. If this project doesn’t sell, the next one just might. Don’t dig yourself into a rut by relying on only one manuscript, rather forge on, look ahead and make maximum use of every day by creating something wonderful and new.



1. Steve Buchheit - April 26, 2011

That’s the most important advice, “keep writing.”

2. lycan librarian - April 27, 2011

It is the most important, and best for the health of the spirit. If you are seeking publication, the second best advice is to send out two more queries every time you get a rejection. Hope all is going well with you, Steve. Happy spirng — finally!

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