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HAPPY HALF HALLOWEEN !! April 28, 2011

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     Some people who have Christmas or New Years birthdays celebrate their half birthdays in June because everyone is always so busy with the holidays that their day of glory slips through the cracks in December and January. We are nearly six months from Halloween so, depending on how technical you want to get, either April 30th or May 1st is Halloween’s half celebration. I am proposing that this is the year that a new tradition begins — Half Halloween!
     To do your part, dress in costume. If you hesitate to dress up and go out or into work in full werewolf or zombie garb, go for a half costume and wear your Halloween jewelry, T-shirt, tights, socks or sweatshirts. Halloween is, indeed, worthy of being celebrated at least two days a year. Of course, for some of us, like the Lycan Librarian, every day is Halloween. The image you see with this post is of a Tshirt she owns, but it is an everyday shirt, so she will not be wearing it for Half Halloween because the day deserves something full-tilt Halloween. It is a wonderful opportunity to dust off a favorite bit of Halloween clothing or jewelry and wear it proudly.
     I have posted this in ample time for you to prepare your Half Halloween attire. So get busy putting your costume together, get out there and have fun. HAPPY HALF HALLOWEEN !!

     Below we see some proper Halloween spirit. Unfortunately, the blog where this image was posted is now defunct, but it is captioned a Halloween Half Sleeve by God of Insects. Lovely!

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