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LIFE IN CIVIL WAR AMERICA By: Michael O. Varhola May 29, 2011

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The Lycan Librarian is quite fond of reference books, and this selection will positively make it to the shelves of the Moonlit Library as well as into the librarian’s private collection. The book is a treasure trove of information about the times and people’s daily habits, and how those habits changed due to the war.

The first chapter is about living in either the city or country, north or south, and there is a peek into each state and territory that tells how the war effected each one. Education, bathing, the cost of goods, what was and was not available, entertainment, currency, religion, technology, food, and civil unrest are all discussed. There are dictionaries listing the slang of the day and the terminology for certain things, like the weapons used in the war, and details of what everyone was wearing, from the highest class ladies to the stripes and insignia on military uniforms.

This non-fiction account is wonderful to browse, and every single page offers an interesting fact or thrilling revelation. If you know a Civil War fanatic, make this the next gift you give them. Even for someone who knows the Civil War inside and out, there has to be at least a few new observations within the pages of this fabulous work. This one didn’t go onto the Lycan Librarian’s Amazon Wish List, it went straight into her basket. She can’t wait to get her own copy, and she is anxious to get this copy back onto the library shelf so someone else can treat themselves to this wonderful prize of a book.

(My apologies for the format of this post, but you may have to get used to my not indenting the beginning of my paragraphs. I was informed by customer support that one can only indent by paying for an advanced program that would allow one to “customize” their work. Why I was able to do so, totally free of charge, for over a year is quite mysterious, but I suppose I should simply wallow in delight for having had that freebie for so long. I am, however,  still playing ping-pong with a member of the support staff to fully resolve this issue, so stay tuned to see what happens.)



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