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Posted by lycan librarian in Books and reading.

There was a discussion about books here in the Moonlit Library that turned rather lively. Patrons had differing opinions on what should be dubbed the most frightening genre. While some thought there are many hair and goose-bump raising horror tales out there, we concluded that we can read horror without being too disturbed by it because we know it’s fiction, and mere figments of a wild imagination. The same stands true for science fiction, although some of it has, through time,  become reality. Both offer pretty scary situations and possibilities, but nothing can top the raw, naked horror of reality.

That brings us to nonfiction. If we look at the selections that deal with the harsh treatment mankind has handed down to the living creatures on this planet, then nonfiction gets the Lycan Librarian’s nod as the most terrifying of genres. Even those pieces in fiction “invented” in a writer’s mind are often things they had heard and tucked away in the back of their heads. Things that stemmed from reality. Books about the holocaust, wars, family members killing their own for profit or revenge, animal slaughter, and matters of people who simply enjoy being cruel to a living being who is weaker than them are the tales that keep this reader awake during the wee hours when everyone else sleeps peacefully.

If you seek a juicy story to fire your blood, jumble your mind and disturb your nights, find a stirring nonfiction account about a downright mean person unleasehed on the world. There are plenty of them out there.



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