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GENTLEMEN BRONCOS: A Movie Review of Sorts June 19, 2011

Posted by lycan librarian in Movie Review.

Being a writer, I was interested in seeing this tale of a young writer who has his science fiction story stolen, not  just once, but twice. I don’t know where my head’s been buried — this is a 2009 film, and I’ve just recently heard of it. (But after watching it, some of the mystery for that is gone.) It started out hopeful, and was made interesting by the fact that it started at The Cletus Festival, a two-day writers workshop for home-schooled teens.

This is a collaboration of NAPOLEON DYNAMITE’S director, Jared Hess and FLIGHT OF THE CONCORDS Jemaine Clement, so the characters are, as expected, off the wall. I really loved FLIGHT OF THE CONCORDS, so had expected something unique, and Clement was actually very good as the blocked and pompous science fiction writer who was first published at age fifteen. Michael Angarano also shines as the odd loner whose script is pilfered.  But something went fiercely off course when the writers and film makers tried to be too outrageous and quirky. If they had allowed the movie to run along the main plot and just hint at the silliness of the science fiction script everyone wants a part of, it could have really been a good movie. Instead, it’s an overacted, forced film that makes the viewer  suffer through numerous scenes of different versions of the protagonist’s horrible science fiction manuscript. Had I seen this in a movie theater, it could have been a torturous hour and a half. But I was lucky and viewed the DVD at home, so I was able to fast forward through all the terrible YEAST LORDS offerings. If you choose to watch GENTLEMEN BRONCOS, I’d suggest you do the same. As I pen the last few words of this review, I can’t believe I am actually admitting, on my blog and before the entire world, that I sat through this. If it wasn’t for Jemaine and Michael, I probably wouldn’t have.



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