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THE HEADHUNTER’S DAUGHTER By: Tamar Myers July 8, 2011

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     Here is the second selection in Myers’ new series that reflects her life growing up in Africa. This one is also catalogued as a mystery, but the plot, once again, sits patiently on a little stool while the charming characters dance around it.

This one is about the mystery behind the discovery of a thirteen-year-old blonde haired, blue-eyed girl who lives with a tribe of Bashilele. A group of white do-gooders venture out to find the girl so they may try to immerse her in their society, and nobody has to read the book to know how terribly wrong that can go. It is amusing that the girl is not used to covering her breasts, but is embarrassed when she is put in a dress that falls above her knees and her legs are on display; in her tribe the women wear long skirts.  Once again, Myers straddles the two societies and allows them to reflect off each other to expose the similarities of the humans on either side. The author undoubtedly does this so well because as a small child growing up in the middle of two such diverse cultures, she was able to view them as equally insane.

Happily, this second novel has the same beloved characters as the first. This reader was very glad for that and can’t wait to read the third. Perhaps Cripple’s child will be born by then. Her Witch Doctor husband, Their Deaths, toyed with the possibility of naming the baby the Tshiluba name for ghost, but Cripple thought that was an awful thing to name a child. That’s just one example of the warm humor that coats the pages of Myers’ books. But be certain to read THE WITCH DOCTOR’S WIFE first. Then, by the time you pick up this book, the characters will feel like old friends. While there’s no news yet of when the third book can be expected to come out, the author has revealed that the title will be THE CANNIBAL’S CONFESSION. Oh boy!



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