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THE GLASS DEMON By Helen Grant August 15, 2011

Posted by lycan librarian in book reviews, Books and reading.

     Helen Grant is a wonderful writer who absorbs the legends around her and transforms them into interesting and memorable novels. If you go back to my August 18th entry of 2010, you’ll see that my review for this author’s first novel, THE VANISHING ACT OF KATHARINA LINDEN, was a rave review. When Grant and her family moved from London to a German town called Bad Munstereifel, she became enamored by the folklore tales of the region and began turning them into novels. As with her first book, Grant’s second selection is also a coming-of-age novel with a dark and disturbing tale of lore kneaded and braided into the dough of the plot.

     The story in THE GLASS DEMON focuses on the Fox family who also relocate from England to Germany. The family patriarch moves them all there to study  the medieval, and possibly mythical, Allerheiligen stained glass which is thought to be haunted by a nasty demon called Bonschariant. Lin Fox is our protagonist and with her new boyfriend Michel, she wades through dead bodies to learn the secrets of the dangerous, yet coveted stained glass windows. I will also reveal that she is the only member of her family who gets to see them.

     This reader, a lover of all things old, and of stained glass treasures, was upset near the end of this novel, for reasons you will discover when you read it. But the very end offered consolation and hope. I should have known Grant would not let me down, and the ending also provided the wonderful surprise of starting all over anew. Don’t ask questions. Just find the book, read it ,and enjoy.



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