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Posted by lycan librarian in Movie Review.

          Don’t expect information about the plot. It will only ruin it for you, and I refuse to take away from such a thrilling storyline. I went into this film only knowing it had something to do with a conspiracy about who wrote Shakespeare’s works, and that it took place in his time. That was more than enough to get this viewer’s ticket money.

     The atmosphere and the scenery in this film is brilliant, and the overhead views of the surrounding landscape are especially breathtaking. It is a feast for the eyes with elaborate costumes, worn both in the plays and by the royalty.

      This is a piece I have to see again, because the long line of characters and titles got muddled for me in spots, especially since the action kept going back, in steps, further and further in time. But the presumptions made are so shocking and interesting that I have been online trying to figure out which theories presented may have a strong basis in truth. I was on the edge of my seat during the entire movie, and I gasped out loud two or three times.

     If you like period pieces, Merry Olde England, Shakespeare (although you may not like him as much after seeing this) and surprises, then this is a movie well worth viewing. I had to go to an art theater to see it because it’s not at the general theaters. This is really too bad, because there are many who probably will not see this if it isn’t at their familiar movie house.   But is it not at regular theaters because they really need all three theaters to show another mindless comedy or lame date movie?   Whatever the reason, you truly should take the time to go the extra distance to see ANONYMOUS and be amazed. I’m very happy that I did.



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