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HOW TO DEAL WITH A COLD November 9, 2011

Posted by lycan librarian in Uncategorized.

     The worst part about a head cold is the inability to think. I have one, so have been going through the Moonlit Library whistling out of the tiny space in my left nostril where air can get through. The cold is breaking, and everything is draining, so I emit frequent and annoying little barks when the back of my throat is tickled.
     I typed up a little bit of a rough draft, but can’t do any final editing or work on the glossary for my nearly completed novel. Getting away from the computer wouldn’t be a bad thing, and when I can manage it, I usually either do aerobics or read. Both are out. I feel too drained and can’t take in enough air to exercise. I know it sounds like a cop-out, but sometimes our bodies tell us what’s best for them. I tried reading and read the same paragraph three times without comprehending it. There are always movies, but I know if I put one in, I’ll fall asleep and miss half of it. I guess I could watch one I’ve seen before…
     I am grateful that I am able to be home when I’m sick. It’s really terrible to have to go into work sick, and even worse for everyone else when some contagious sick-o goes into work and spreads their germs around. The last, and best alternative is to take the dogs for a walk around the property. It’s a little cool outside, but the brisk air will wake me up and the hounds will certainly appreciate a bit of time to romp. Dogs are so great. Even though I disgust myself, they aren’t at all repulsed by my dripping, snorting and coughing. They don’t cringe when I sneeze or blow my nose and they like having me around with or without germs. They seem to sense they have to back up a little and allow me my rest, but they’re also there, ready and willing to warm the bed if I decide to take a nap.
     We live in an age where we have tons of remedies and relief measures for the common cold, but none of them can compare to the soothing comfort of a beloved pet.



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