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THE WINTER GHOSTS By Kate Mosse December 27, 2011

Posted by lycan librarian in book reviews, Books and reading.

     The Lycan Librarian didn’t expect this book to actually be a ghost story, but she was intrigued by the 1928 setting in the French Pyrenees so plucked it from the “New Book” shelf. Well hooray, hooray. It truly is a yarn about ghosts reaching out from the past and requesting the help they need to rest. Although this reader is reluctant to reveal too much of any plot in a review, she doesn’t feel this tidbit will come as a surprise to anyone who opts to enjoy this selection .
     Freddie is traveling after a stay in an institution. He is unable to come to terms with the death of his brother, who was lost in WWI. He has been only half alive since that event, and this book, and its ghosts, stress the importance of living fully, of looking about and reveling in life. In being aware of your place and purpose during your own time.
     The book has short chapters and is a very quick read. It is easy to keep saying, “Oh, one more chapter,” and then, “Oh, just one chapter more.” Then, before you know it, you have closed the back cover and finished the novel. The ghosts’ stories are based on true and very horrific historical events. If you are a reader who enjoys old novels discovered in the corner of resale shops and buried deep in erratic piles of goods at flea markets, then you will appreciate this selection. It has a timeless sense to it, so while it doesn’t read exactly like a modern novel, it can still be happily devoured by todays’ bibliophiles.
     I am going to try another Mosse selection, as the book jacket proclaims this to be her third novel and I very much enjoy her writing style.
     Happy 2012! This is going to be a terrific year!



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