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      It must certainly be no surprise to hear that the Lycan Librarian is a huge fan of the art of Charles Addams and the wonderfully macabre family he invented. She was itching to see the musical. She was in New York when it opened, and hoped to get tickets, but then there was a bomb scare in Times Square. One would think that would provide perfect opportunity to get tickets to any show one wanted, but everyone thought like that and Times Square was busier that weekend than ever.
So it wasn’t the Broadway cast she saw at Cleveland’s Palace Theater, but it was an inspiring and very talented cast. The audience was also very enthusiastic, exploding into cheers when Cousin Itt made his first appearance and when Lurch finally sang a solo. How Sara Gettelfinger’s (Morticia’s) dress stayed in place was only one of many amazing special effects. The show was pure joy and the songs lodge deep in the mind. My favorite? “Just Around the Corner,” a catchy ditty that referred to death. Seeing the ghosts of the Addams Family’s ancestors dancing in a chorus line with the Grim Reaper was worth the price of admission alone. Uncle Fester’s “The Moon and Me,” provided a chuckle from beginning to end and “Move Toward the Darkness” was delightful.
I had heard complaints that people didn’t think the show was enough like the TV show, but that’s absolutely ridiculous and raw nonsense. These were those same characters we grew up loving and the Lycan Librarian pronounces this show an absolute masterpiece.



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