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GREEN RIVER KILLER: A TRUE DETECTIVE STORY By Jeff Jensen and Jonathan Case April 20, 2012

Posted by lycan librarian in book reviews, Books and reading.

Surprise! Graphic Novels also come in non-fiction. This is a story I probably would not have had the patience to read in a normal non-fiction account, but it was an enthralling and quick read in this format. I picked it from the shelves while returning the one about Jeffrey Dahmer that I last reviewed.

This story ranges from 1965 to 2005, and spanned more than the entire career of 30 year veteran Detective Tom Jensen. The Green River Killer was responsible for murdering more than forty-eight women and girls, and he is considered the worst serial killer in US history. The story is disturbing, but fresh in that it is told from a new perspective. The story shifts back and forth through time and we see an optimistic young detective on one page and then in a few more pages see a depressed, defeated man in his place.

This blog posting won’t, as always, reveal too much, especially since this is such a fast paced read. The Lycan Librarian is certainly learning to enjoy Graphic Novels, but is still adamant in rebelling against them being called such. They are graphic tales, indeed, but novels are not told in pictures. Whatever we call them, they are emerging in an exciting fashion and spanning more and more topics. They do encourage reading, and for that the spunky librarian is joyous and forever grateful. Stay tuned, as there are bound to be many, many more Graphic Novels reviewed in this blog.



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