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THE LAND OF DECORATION By: Grace McCleen July 7, 2012

Posted by lycan librarian in book reviews, Books and reading.

   This is a story about miracles narrated  by a  ten-year-old girl named Judith. Judith is bullied at school and escapes into the Land of Decoration, a tiny town in her bedroom that she has made from what everyone else would consider trash. When she makes it snow in her bedroom town  one early October day and it begins to snow outside, she feels she has performed a miracle. When it happens again, she knows she has. Then the voice of God speaks to her. Judith’s mother bled to death when she was born because her religion forbade her accepting blood that was not given to her by God. Judith’s father is still fanatical about that religion and very cold toward his daughter. He takes care of her but seldom touches her and never hugs or kisses her. The plot is amplified by his religion and problems at the factory where he works, as well as the horrible bully who harasses Judith at school and at her home.

I started out loving this book. The voice of Judith is extraordinary and so like a child. But somewhere in the last third of quarter of the book, the voice changed. It became too adult and the magic that had been in the book was gone. As always in my reviews, I won’t tell too much of the plot, but the ending seemed a bit neat and predictable. This is a first novel by a talented British author, so let’s hope she maintains the best parts throughout her entire book next time — or gets a better agent and/or editor who will spot and help her correct the little  problems in her writing.



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