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Do you believe in milagritos, little miracles? If you don’t, this very well may change your mind. These are pictures I took in 2004 of a statue from a 1647 chapel in the little Zapotec town of Tlacolula. It was before I had a digital camera. The first picture shows a Mexican woman standing by the statue from across the chapel. I felt pretty tall there, so am probably close to her height, or perhaps a bit taller. I could reach the pillow and the feet of the statue, but no higher. The second picture was from a bit closer, and you can see the position of the statue’s hand and head. He is definitely staring down. The third picture is what came out when the film was developed. The church was very dark, and I was the only person in there at the time. I was floored by this chapel, and my tour group had to come back in and practically drag me out of it. I remembered thinking, as I took the third shot, that the picture would be fantastic because the face was so beautiful and expressive, and the statue would be looking directly at the camera. I still can’t figure out what He was trying to tell me, but this is proof that miracles do exist.



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