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         Much like a mad scientist, the pumpkin carver is creating life. The pumpkin turns under the carving knife from sluggish, faceless orange gourd into a glowing personality who will be around for a goodly time. So be wary of your creative cuts. The Lycan Libratrian will say no more about it. Not this time of year!

         It’s a glorious day here in Northeastern Ohio. The sky is bright blue with a few puffy clouds. Many leaves are still on the trees, and they’re drenched with reds, yellows, oranges, browns and greens. Two dogs and I spent the afternoon carving our first pumpkin of 2012. He’s a handsome fellow with sharp teeth and pupils that may or may not stay in his head once he heats up. The seeds from his guts are roasting in the oven, loaded with sea salt, and they smell heavenly.

        Since I feel so energized and inspired after completing that artistic endeavor, I have decided to carve a pumpkin a day. We had a bumper crop this year and I must have 30 of them skittering up and down the stairs of the porch and deck. I imagine they are all tumbling internally with nervous excitement at the thought of  wearing  glowing faces, and feel I have to carve as many as I can. I like to save a few, leave them whole, for Thanksgiving, but I still have an entire orphanage full of faces waiting to be lifted up into existence. Hooray!

     Go, right now. Run, walk, bike, or get there however you can, but go. Find that pumpkin display with the annoying Pumpkins 4 Sale sign, and pick yourself out a few. Live with them a few days until you see the faces hidden within them. And then let the blades fly as you dig and gouge and slice, and create your masterpiece. Once you light the candle plopped into the hollowed body, turn off the lights and look, look at your creation. There is only one thing to think while getting that first glance at a lit, freshly carved pumpkin. “It’s alive!”



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