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        A rowdy gang of various storms joined forces, stitching themselves together into one big angry mess, and earning the name Frankenstorm. We here in NE Ohio were warned we’d get a healthy enough dose of this tirade and to be ready for power outages. I live in a rural area and have learned to stock up and just go ahead and complete all my errands for the week while I’m out to save having to tear myself away from my books another day. So I went and got a new pile of work to keep me going, filled up Vivian Vibe’s gas tank, and bought dog kibble and groceries.
        What is it about Halloween that makes your sweet tooth stand on end and scream for sugar? I can resist most candy, unless it’s truly luscious and decadent, but I had to grab some candy corn and those heavenly buttercream pumpkins that curl my teeth and make me swear off them for an entire year. But I also craved chocolate cake. The cake is so good this time of year, probably because of all the orange frosting. But there’s also a lot of green frosting appearing, and I found a doozie of a green cake. A Frankencake! Seeing how easy this would be to make, I have found a new Halloween party back up plan for future years.
        The wind is howling and pelting my windows with rain, leaves, twigs and other debris. Not very far away, Lake Erie is heaving herself up to devour the land. It’s wet and somewhat dismal, but dismal has its rewards, especially for a writer. As long as the power stays on, there are plenty of spooky movies to watch on TCM. There’s a fresh gallon of milk, a yummy cake and plenty of candles and lighters. This year, looks like it’s a Halloween hunker-down.



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