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santa       I don’t remember how old I was when my aunt turned to me and said, “You don’t still believe in Santa, do you?” I know that I was young enough that my brother gasped and turned to stare at me with wide, horrified eyes and my mother was furious. But there was no need for shock or anger because I didn’t believe her anyway. I figured Santa simply gave up on those who didn’t believe in him and stole out of their lives, but was alive and ever-present for all of us who did. And I believe that to this day.
        Who among us doesn’t recall being a child and struggling to stay awake long enough to see or hear Santa’s sleigh? Do you still listen for it? I do, even though I can’t explain why, and my husband says this gives him all the evidence he’ll ever need to have me committed one day. But without fail, a fantastic wave of enchantment rises up and hits me every Christmas Eve. I suddenly turn back into that snotty-nosed little kid who strains to hear sleigh bells as her mile-long Christmas list parades through her head.
       To lose one’s faith in Santa Claus is an awful thing. It’s losing one of the most glimmering parts of yourself, and surrendering to an existence that doesn’t allow for magic, miracles or promise. It’s trading the possibility of all that can be for the mundane. I won’t ever lose my faith in Santa. My stocking might hang empty and my Christmas wish list may never grow any shorter, but every year I’ll receive a wonderful gift of hope while my heart beats quickly and my eyes shine with optimism as they stare up into a winter’s sky in search of Santa’s sleigh.
        Christmas isn’t just one day out of the year, it’s a season. To many, it’s only a season of shopping and baking and making yourself both crazy and broke. But for others, it’s a time to reflect and consider how to make a contribution to this world. Christmas is a feeling of goodness, a sensation of being connected to our fellow human beings, a flood of wonderful memories and a warming of the heart. It’s a time when we feel thankful for what we have and strive to share our good fortune with those less fortunate. The generosity of people donating to food banks, shelters and charities is overwhelming during the winter holidays, and if such rampant giving took place all year long, nobody would ever be hungry. This beautiful spirit of giving is Santa. He exists.



1. jackostram - December 13, 2012

I found as I get older my Christmases are now filled with more memories than gifts. I truely is a wonderful season. Happy Holidays

lycan librarian - December 14, 2012

That’s a very interesting and heartwarming observation. Thanks.

2. Mikiel Ottmar - December 14, 2012

This is the most beautiful piece I’ve read in some time and reflects my own sentiments. Thank you so much for sharing it. mikiel ottmar

lycan librarian - December 14, 2012

Wow! Thank you. Aren’t you glad Santa’s watching and will reward you for making me feel so good?

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