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AWAKENING THE BUDDHIST HEART By Lama Surya Das December 27, 2012

Posted by lycan librarian in book reviews, Books and reading.

Awakening-the-Buddha-Within         When I tell others I am studying Buddhism, they take a step back or stare, almost with horror. But Lama Surya Das’ books explains the principles of Buddhism and how it can enrich our lives. The basic tenets are not much different from any other religion that preaches doing unto others as we would like done unto ourselves. I was greatly inspired by this book, which shows that adversity is a part of life, so it must be embraced. How? By looking deep to find the lessons hidden within. The book embraces concepts of letting go of old hurts to make room for new worthwhile people and experiences. It tells how we are all the same, so must all be revered. In Buddhism, this principle extends down to even the lowliest creature on the face of the earth, since Buddhist wisdom preaches reincarnation and relies on the belief that each and every person lived through a number of stages as animals, and even insects, before living even their first life as a human being.
        This book is very inspirational. It encourages us to live in the moment, keep our eyes wide open to pluck out the lessons from all our experiences and treat every creature on earth as a thing deserving of a pain-free life — the best and happiest life possible.
        Whether or not you are presently going through hard times, there are lessons and revelations within the pages of AWAKENING THE BUDDHIST HEART. I am now going on to another of Lama Surya Das’ books so I may continue to learn and soak up the teachings  of this wise and gentle man who has much to teach us all. AWAKENING THE BUDDHA WITHIN  actually came out before this selection, but I doubt the order in which they are read will matter much. I could not get a photo of AWAKENING THE BUDDHIST HEART to load into the blog, so took the Buddhist path, inserted the image of this book instead, and am happy for it.



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