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       poe We sat on the edges of our seats while FOX counted down the days to the start of THE FOLLOWING, which we were told would be very different and exciting. The concept of a cult following a serial killer and the Poe references were so exciting in the previews  that I can confidently pronounce this show the biggest disappointment of 2013.

        I think one problem is the lack of chemistry between characters and how weak they are. Agent Parker is supposed to be Hardy’s boss, but she’s not the one who is calling the shots. And plausibly, Hardy would never be on this case at all since he is having an affair with Joe, the serial killer’s wife. That alone, was almost enough to make me stop watching immediately. Bacon’s character also would not be on this case because he wrote a book about the killer. He might be a consultant, but he wouldn’t be the one chasing down Joe with gun drawn. He certainly wouldn’t be calling all the shots while his superior gnaws her manicured nails waiting for him to give the word on what to do next.

     Show after show, three hot-dogging agents run into situations with no backup. Then once the bad guys have escaped, there is suddenly a SWAT team dissecting the site. It seems to be the same old crap episode after episode. A bad guy escapes and a good guy is captured or in grave danger. Unfortunately, that is what has come to be expected and last night I actually yawned when Agent Parker was captured. The writers are lazy and must think their audience is a band of idiots.

     My biggest question is, where is all the cool Poe imagery? They seem to have forgotten that. I keep thinking how they magnificently could have murdered while using some of Poe’s storylines. But there’s still hope — maybe they’ll brick Parker up into a wall. It’s a good thing Poe isn’t around to see THE FOLLOWING. I think he’d be very insulted that he was used merely as a tool to gain viewers instead of the icon I had expected him to be in this show. I am torn. There are only a few episodes left, but I’m not sure I can sit through more inane, predictable and very disappointing plots.



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