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The Value of Christmas Ornaments December 9, 2013

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    They’re pretty homely and probably would be overlooked at even a really crappy rummage sale and wind up in the trash pile. But to me they are beautiful and they bring so many wonderful holiday memories flooding into my mind whenever I look at them. They’re my favorite Christmas ornaments salvaged from my childhood, and it’s nothing short of a miracle that they’ve survived all these decades. They’re worth absolutely nothing if you care to place a monetary value on them. Styrofoam and pipe cleaners simply haven’t gone up in value like gold and silver. These four little men have Styrofoam balls, adorned with sprigs of tin paper holly, for heads. Glass ornaments are stuck in them to act as eyes and noses. Their mouths and bodies are pipe cleaners. What is especially magical about them is that they can be placed on the Christmas tree, but can also be twisted to sit on a lamp or dangle from a dresser mirror, or even a kitchen cabinet knob. They were a lot like the Elf on the Shelf to me, watching carefully to report back to Santa about my behavior. I still hold my breath every year as I take the top off the tin in which they are stored. Then I have to grin, and, yes, have even been known to giggle aloud, as I pull back the tissue paper to find those familiar faces smiling up at me. I now hang them on one of my big plants where they can cavort among the Christmas cards received that year.

You just can’t put a price on some things. I have no idea if anyone is going to want them once I pass on from this earth, but these silly little ornaments have made my Christmas year after year. Just looking at them reminds me of how special this season is and I feel transported back to those wonderful, simple times in which I was so fortunate to grow up. I recently e-mailed a picture of the ornaments to my brother and he couldn’t believe I still had them. Sometimes I can’t either. The presence of these goofy guys is just a little more proof of the pure magic of Christmas.

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