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Achieving Clarity June 5, 2014

Posted by lycan librarian in writing.

ClarityThis is the second article in my series about working with a life coach to reach my goal of becoming happily published through clarity, focus, ease and grace. After one coaching session I have realized that even though I know I want to make my living as a novelist, I am mentally wavering and not always being 100 percent clear about what I want to achieve.


There are times that all I am clear about is that I want a change. Reading about amazingly successful people, I’ve seen that they always had a very clear goal in their head. They may have had to work other jobs to be able to get there, but their eye was always on that ultimate achievement and they had no doubt that they would reach it. But while striving to make my life change, it’s so easy for me to formulate a number of plans in my head. One day I may read a job posting and decide that’s the way to go, but the next day I find myself back to¬†fantasizing about my ultimate dream job – writing. A TV commercial or driving past a company may spark other imaginative alternatives, and it’s possible for me to decide on a different direction each day. But this is not clear thinking – it’s indecisiveness. The first step in my hitting that seductive bulls eye is for me to simply recognize it and have complete faith in my ability to reach it. It’s essential I do what I can each day to work toward it, and in the meantime, remain grateful for my life just as it is. I have turned my thinking around from what I don’t like about my present situation to all that I do like. And it’s a lot. I have found ways to incorporate steps into my life each day that will lead me closer to my highest aspiration. By focusing on doing this, my head has become clearer and much of my indecision has been erased.


Clarity is not only recognizing what goal we want to achieve, but also gaining a clarity of who we are and what we’re thinking. I thought back to times I was surprised by a compliment. Surprised that someone saw me in a very flattering light. My insecurities, just like yours, don’t show; we’re masters at masking them. The person we present ourselves to be on the outside is not that same being who dwells within. If we could see ourselves the way other people see us, we would all probably be very happy with who we are. I learned that I can’t look at the front someone else projects and know the turmoil and problems they are experiencing internally. This is why I am determined to stop judging my insides by comparing them to others’ outsides. To get mental clarity of who I am, it’s important I stop internalizing negative things. I am determined not to drag problems and slights inside to simmer; rather, to find that bright, warm, wonderful spot within me and radiate all that vigor and charm outward. Positive attracts positive. Expecting problems and complications have often made them materialize, so why wouldn’t anticipation of the best bring it to my doorstep?


I am trying to be constantly aware of what I’m thinking. I vow to dwell on the good that comes to me each day and forget those insignificant rebuffs and discourtesies. I think I’m a bit clearer of who I am and who I want to be and have formed a mental image of that successful person I strive to be in my head so it is always there to intercept negative thoughts and melt them in glowing yellow rays of warm optimism. Now I am clear about what my dream is and am doubly clear that I deserve it and am quite capable of grasping and holding it.


I now have a successful vision, a clarity about what my ultimate goal is and I am concentrating on the one path I want to take. I have learned not to compare myself to others, and to embrace and exude the creative and accomplished person that I am. My next step will be to work on focus.



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